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Maine! Where I’m lulled to sleep by restless ocean waves crashing against a six-foot sea wall. Where at 53 degrees a light blanket is required, and daytime temps struggle to reach 75 degrees. I’m on my annual writing retreat polishing up a soon-to-be released novel. Energy flows through panoramic windows of our oceanfront beach house. This year is special and I’m so blessed to be able to be here.

On May 11th, I took some overdue medical tests. Less than twenty-hours later, I was in the hospital where medical teams worked to get my heart back to a sinus rhythm, and others treated me for pneumonia. Heaven was flooded with prayers from church friends and relatives. I healed and went home seven days later. Slowly, I gained strength only to be re-admitted within five days for a gall bladder attack. Removal occurred as soon as my body would tolerate the surgery.

Seven days later, I once again returned home and focused on building strength. Maine wouldn’t wait and my plans were made.

So here I am. Weak, but strong of mind writing away energized by God’s creation right outside my door. I’m most thankful for God’s healing–and aren’t I blessed His will for me included Maine.

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