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Fall is finally here and for Kansans this is huge news. After 54 days of 100 degree temps we are so ready for the blessings fall brings.

My novel, A Plane Tree in Provence ( is doing well as an ebook and I thank all who have purchased it. Take five women who would like to change their lives, but don’t know how, and a three-week vacation to France, and aside from delectable food, wonderful wine, and a sampling of adventure amidst squabbles-they get their wish.

I have to confess, that last year when my children asked what I wanted for Christmas, my answer was interesting. “I know what I don’t want. Don’t even think about an electronic reader.”

Now, less than a year later, I published my novel just that way. Who knew? Not me! And, in less than a few weeks away my second novel, Angel on My Shoulder will be published as an ebook. Never say Never.

Seriously, in less than one year, Amazon reports that  ebook sales are three times larger than last year and are outranking both hardbacks and paperbacks. Don’t you just love change?

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