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Hi all, a quick note to update my viewers. My daughter, Penny, fell and suffered a severe brain injury on January 25th. I rushed her to the hospital and she had brain surgery shortly after. She was in ICU for over 12 days – asleep. Prayer warriors around the globe sent prayers on her behalf upward, and God interceded. She has made a miraculous recovery so far, amazing the doctors. My family has sat close by her side for over one month now, and tomorrow, she will be going to Meadow Brook Rehabilitation hospital (outside of Olathe, Kansas, for a few weeks. We are confident she will recover fully and thank God for all his blessings and healing power.

I have channeled my thoughts and energy toward her recovery, so writing has taken a back seat. Now, I see the light and by next week will once again be editing the sequel to A Plane Tree in Provence. I expect the book to be released in a few months. Of course I have already started another in the series but it is really rough and needs an abundance of work. I’ll be updating you again soon. For all the cards, flowers, food and prayers – I thank you. I never knew I had so many wonderful friends.

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