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Okay, the photo has changed along with my hair color. Frankly, I got tired of marching off to the hairdresser every month to keep that brown color in check. Soooo, I have gone natural, sort of. Grey is the new brown for me, but with a touch of blond here and there. What do you think?

My daughter has been released from Meadowbrook and is now home. She has settled into a routine of outpatient therapy and once again caring for her son. I feel so blessed to have her home. Her surgeon says her recovery has been remarkable.

I have finished editing the first draft of the second book in the Plane Tree series. The Cape Elizabeth Ocean Society should be ready for publishing by fall. Can’t wait to see how Penny’s life back in Cape Elizabeth changes. Stay tuned.

This month East Wichita News named me Writer of the Year for 2011, and I sold another Chicken Soup for the Soul story. A very good month for this gal. I must admit, this has given me an extra push to keep writing and do what I love best. I will be going to Maine as usual in June, this time taking my oldest daughter. Sitting by the ocean I’ll spend hours rewriting and polishing the Cape Elizabeth book. Can’t wait.

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