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This past month and a half has been awesome. My daughter, Penny finished speech therapy for this quarter and is scheduled to take a medical driving test at the Shawnee Medical Center in Kansas Center next week. Great progress there. My youngest daughter and her family took a much needed vacation to Hawaii for nine days, and my oldest daughter, Shan received a nice award from Wichita State University ( where she works) Our drought has ended and Kansas is enjoying moisture once again.

My newest book, The Cape Elizabeth Ocean Avenue Society (second in the Plane Tree in Provence series) is doing nicely in both the world of cyber space and print. Too boot, while I received two rejections for articles, also received two acceptances. Hey, I’m even, huh? The new Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspirations for Writers arrived and my contribution is on page 83. It tells the story of my first ever writing retreat to the Flint Hills in Kansas.

Just last week, I attended the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc. writing conference in Oklahoma City. Again, I came away with new knowledge, and most of all, lots of updated technology snippets. For my writer friends, I’ve posted a summary on the KWA website.

I’m busy getting ready for my annual Maine retreat coming up in less than a month. I’ll post photos and maybe even an excerpt from my new novel.

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