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What a nice summer we are having. We’ve had our share of tornado scares, but nothing like Oklahoma. Our weather continues to confuse with lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s. Nice. I’m just home from a wonderful vacation in Maine. I enjoyed five consecutive days with lots of writing, walks on the beach and good lobster. Then the unimaginable happened. I collapsed on the beach and suffered a TIA. Off to the hospital for three days. But the wonderful thing was that shortly after I fell, a woman saw me and came over to see if I needed help. AFter she observed things she signaled her friends to come also. Turns out they were five nurses in all and they sprang into action. Do I have a guardian angel or what. I thank God for looking out for me and my continued improvement. I love the phrase, God is Good All the Time.

Now for the update on the fourth novel. I’m about halfway finished but never fear, those edits will take some doing. I’ll run it by my critique groups, then my daughter, Shan, who is the best editor bar none on the planet, and then I’ll do the final edit. In no time, we will know what happens to Sarah and her household.

I’m staying put the rest of the summer in Wichita, but intend to go off on retreat again in October. By then, I’ll know what Sarah has decided (in the novel) and the conclusion. I write the plot as I go along and never make an outline. When I started writing novels, I made an outline, but found I never stuck with it and was always changing it. Now I just write what is in my head at the time.

Good news. Chicken Soup for the Soul has purchased another one of my stories for its Lemons to Lemonade book due out in August. You might want to pick up a copy. My story centers on my daughter Penny’s traumatic brain injury last year and how I dealt with it. Very difficult to write, but at the same time healing.

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