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We have had more than our share of rains this month. Currently, we have had 10.97 inches and it is only the 22nd. One more inch and we will break the long-time record for rain in August. Seems strange to not be using the sprinkler system, but added relief to my water bill.

Plagued with more health problems this past month, but after surgery just last week, I feel like I am back to my old self. So this month I have replaced the motherboard on my washer, two burners on the stove, had Roto-Rooter clear plugged water lines, and today the hot water tank exploded. Thank goodness for Frederick Plumbing, who came right out to replace the tank. Home ownership is wonderful, huh?

Obviously, my novel took a back seat this month, but happy to report I’m hard at it again. Those Cape Elizabeth Ocean Society women continue to have numerous problems and challenges. But then what forty-year-old doesn’t. Rose has exciting news for us, Penny is wading through new motherhood, Vernie is rethinking her new career choice, Wendy has reservations on all of her decisions, and Sarah….oh my whatever will that woman do with her new wrinkle to life. Of course there is another trip in this novel and off they go to Italy.

Also working on an article for the Lookout Magazine, and two for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Take care, friends. arlene

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