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Well, it has been a long time since I’ve posted, but want everyone to know, I am doing great. Had a few setbacks from surgery but have now turned the corner. Almost have my old fighting spirit back. Back in Yoga and back walking the track. YEAH!

I believe I’ve mentioned that my seventeen-year-old grandson is a hockey player for the KC Saints. Lucky for me, his team played a tournament in Wichita two weeks ago and I attended six games. Pretty rough sport for this Nana, but he loves it and is a great player. This past weekend, I attended my nieces wedding in Kansas City. Had a wonderful time with my sister and brother along with all the other relatives. It was a non-stop party and the wedding was beautiful. Both the wedding and reception was held at The Berg which is an event venue downtown. I think the most fun was watching my eleven-year-old grandson dancing and then dancing some more. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Branson, MO with my traveling buddies, and hope to see beautiful foliage. We expect to do some shopping, attend four shows, and veg out on food and wine. The weekend of the 23rd my hockey player comes back for another game in Wichita, so looking forward to that.

The writing is going slow because I’ve changed this novel twice now and started over. Surely this will be the last time for changes. It just didn’t read right, but now I believe it flows better. Sent off an article for the Lookout magazine: “Abraham and Issac” and also two to Chicken Soup books. I continue to write for the East Wichita News also. All this has kept me really busy, but that’s how I like it.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I’ll check in after the holiday. I will be hosting my entire immediate family this year. Oh, and those of you who follow my daughter, Penny’s recovery, she is doing fine and we are hopeful for a complete recovery in the next few years. Take care, arlene

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