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The third novel in the A Plane Tree in Provence series has been released as an eBook – paperback coming within a couple of weeks. Sarah’s Choice: with a little help from Tuscany, is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and wherever eBooks are sold. Sarah returns home from France laded with guilt from an affair France, but determined to change her daily routine from self-centered to considerate. It isn’t easy, and her struggles are enormous mixed with the fallout from the affair. Must she always be plagued with guilt? Read what happens next to Sarah’s storybook life in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
So, the Art of Conversation continues. My dear friend, Bonnie went to Maine with me this year, and spent a week with me at the cottage. We did not travel together, and on her way home I’m guessing she spoke freely to her seat mate about Maine and the fact I was finishing a novel. Long story short, a few weeks later, I received an email from the person saying how much she enjoyed the first two books in the series and when would the third be available. When writers receive emails like this – it does wonders for their confidence level, and for me, I was so grateful that a person would take the time to send a note. Again, it is that art of conversation that can escalate reaching the unknown and amazing possibilities. Thank you Bonnie.

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