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Recently, I was in the waiting room at the hospital and a person from my church came in. I tried to strike up a conversation with her, but it was evident she didn’t have a clue who I was. Still, I pressed on and we talked about this and that. Our church is large and it’s difficult to know everyone who attends. I recognized her since I work the welcome desk and see lots of folks coming in and out on Sundays. As the afternoon drug on, we became closer by the illness of our loved ones who brought us together at a different place. When I left, I had a new friend, because the art of conversation brings people together no matter what the circumstances.
Lots of things have already been happening in 2015. First, I made some resolutions…well only a couple. I want to have the Maine book ready for publication by winter. (Pretty broad date, right?) Second, I need to continue to work on my health, and with the right doctors, get a prescription cocktail that works. So far, this is still in the experiment mode.
I have a new daylight window in the lower level of my home. Contractors were here January to March putting in a wonderful five-foot window and finishing off both the inside and out to look as though it had always been there. They also built Penny a closet, something she has not had before. She is so happy and really loves her new room, closet and window. She says, “It feels like I have my own apartment now.”
I spent another four days in the hospital with yet another bout with Afib. No one really knows what triggers these things, but glad it is over. I am almost at the second-edit stage of the Maine book, and have started the wheels turning for the fourth book in the Plane Tree in Provence series.
Have a wonderful Easter and spring.

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