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I looked out my back door this morning and was greeted with an abundance of things in bloom. The Forsythia was a blaze of bright yellow, the quince bushes had sprung white and pink flowers overnight, and the huge Bradford pear tree had buds the size of acorns ready to burst into flowers. We’ve had an extremely mild winter for Kansas, and spring is coming early. I took photos galore and will post one soon in the gallery. For this writer, spring brings renewed energy and ideas. Love love love the balmy days with flowers beginning to bloom and the birds singing hymns all day long.

So many things have been happening since the first of the year. First, I’ve been marketing my memoir, Lessons from Maine on various social media sites plus emails and newspapers. In February, the book ranked tenth in the top ten best seller list at Watermark Books & Cafe here in Wichita. Sales are steady on the other various sites and word of mouth is always a good marketing tool also.

I will be traveling to Maine again in June and this time, my writing efforts will be focused on the fourth fiction book in the Plane Tree series. The main character is Wendy, who you remember has a hidden dream of becoming an actress. She makes the move and Wendy, being Wendy, experiences many ups and downs from that decision. Thank goodness she has her friends in the Cape Elizabeth Ocean Avenue Society to shoulder her cries for help.
I’ve also started an intense (at least for me) aerobic program at our local YMCA. That first day was humbling to say the least, but now things are getting easier. I can’t say I’ve lost weight, but I’ve sure tightened up and gained some much needed strength. I’ll write more later about my gardening efforts and Wendy’s new career in Maine.

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