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Goodness, spring came and left, summer came and left, fall is trying it’s best to arrive amidst temps still in the eighties. The summer was a tough one for me as I lost my brother to cancer. We grew up like twins as we are only eleven months apart in age. He was my best friend and always kept me on the grounded during life’s challenges. Jerald always had my back and was so supportive of my writing and anything else I tried in life. He was always quick with the compliments, advice, and when he thought I needed a good talking to – he did that also. The most important thing he taught me was “forgiveness”. I have to admit I leaned on him for this and now that he is gone I’m having a struggle with it once again. We talked every weekend and the last year of his life every Friday. I still have an urge to call him each Friday. Some tell me that never goes away.

Once again, I traveled to Maine in June. My good friend, Bonnie Dakan travels with me most of the time and this year we stayed ten glorious days at our rented beach house at Higgins Beach, Maine. The weather was perfect in every way with highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. Nothing like snuggling under the covers listening to the roar of thrashing waves against the sea bank within ten feet of our back door. I completed the first edit on my new novel, The “casting” of Wendy Holcomb, along with reading two books which is something I rarely have time to do at home. We ate plenty of lobster, found some new wonderful restaurants, and attended Anything Goes at the Ogunquit Playhouse. The play was a welcomed highlight to our trip with third-row seats and a professional cast. We visited Perkins Cove after the theater and had a delightful dinner of lobster while watching the sail boats drift in the ocean.

This summer has thrown the nation into chaos over electing a new president. From all the bickering, name-calling, and personal attacks on moral behavior it has been a very stressful campaign. I can’t wait until this next two weeks is over and we can once again concentrate on other things. I try to focus on the fact that God has a plan and is in charge of all – so we need to sit back and pray for his guidance in all matters.

Now at summer’s end, I am into my final edit on the novel. Carey, my artist daughter is working on the cover and I hope to have it published by the first of the year. This novel centers on Wendy Holcomb, who has embarked on a new career at age 40, much to the chagrin of her family who are not at all happy about it.
I’ll sign off for now, and my best intention is to do more frequent updates from now on.

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