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After a whirlwind year, once again I am packing for my June sabbatical to Maine. Last summer, I had a fight with the garden hose and the water nozzle spewing at full throttle hit me in the right eye. Lucky for me I was wearing contacts and no permanent damage was encountered. However, it took almost five months for it to heal. Lesson learned. Never leave the nozzle at full speed while you are hauling it around the deck. During the year my excursions with friends took me to the Art Museums’s traveling exhibit Monet to Matisse and also our brand new twenty million dollar Mark Arts center which houses a comprehensive studio offering sculpting, painting, cooking and a fantastic 5,000 square-foot art gallery.
With the new year, came the realization that I will soon be an octogenarian. Good news is I still feel like I’m in my fifties. If my mother were alive today she might say I also act like a twenty-year-old, citing some of the daring things I try. At any rate, I’m blessed with good friends, a church family, children and grandchildren who are making this a total year of celebrations. Let the fun begin.

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