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It occurs to me that some of you might not know what I write and how it all came about. If you take a look at the page “About Arlene” it will tell you the story. Long story short, I started in journalism writing as a correspondent for The Wichita Eagle in Wichita, Kansas. Later, I wrote for the East Wichita News for over two decades before retiring to write novels, articles, and short devotionals for magazines. At this point, I am finishing the fifth novel in the A Plane Tree in Provence series, titled Vernie: One Year Tops, and will continue to write devotionals for publications and articles for the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

I continue to travel to Maine each June for some much-needed R & R. I love Maine, and sitting by the ocean meditating is the highlight of my year. Time marches on, but God has blessed me with continued good health and energy. Whoever said 80 is the new 60 —were right. Although the body doesn’t always cooperate and slowing down tries to wedge its way into my life, I choose to ignore and march onward.

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