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Over the holidays, last year, our family enjoyed a wonderful season of celebrations with family and friends. Little did we know what the future had in store for 2020. I’d like to say that the year started well, but in reality, not the case. It has been one disaster after another for both our family and the world.

My daughter experienced several setbacks in her progress to accept life after a traumatic brain injury which caused our family much stress. After much searching, a new therapist is helping and we’re hoping for progress.

Then, Covid-19 struck and resulted into a huge pandemic, and the political world grew into a chaos of hatred and unrest. All trips were put on hold, lockdown arrived, mandatory masks and social distancing became the norm, and life as we knew it—ceased.

Could things be worse? Certainly! I remember saying often things like, “Once this pandemic is over by say June…” then again, “Things should be better by October…” and now I’ve quit speculating as there is no reasonable end in sight. On the political scene, perhaps after the election is over hateful emotions and caustic attitudes will soften. And, regarding my daughter? Prayers and hope are ongoing.

During lockdown, I will say that we were most productive in cleaning out closets, cupboards, and areas which had long been neglected – like the garage, storage bins, and those hidden niches that never receive attention. So, after eight months, we are clean as a pin here, tidy beyond expectations, and decluttered.

For my writing efforts, I was fortunate to be included in the June/July edition of the Upper Room and have sent out a couple of stories and a devotional to various publications.

So, after eight challenging months, my days are spent searching for things to do at home, planning what I’ll do first after the pandemic is over, and watching more television that I’ve done in all of my 80+ years. On the bright side, there is face time and zoom meetings to keep in touch with family and organizations. Thankfully my Yoga class has sessions on zoom and video to crank up when the yearning for exercise sets in.

Looking ahead to the holidays, we’re not sure how celebrations, if any, will be handled. Kansas is experiencing a weekly rise in Covid cases with no relief in sight. Ah, 2020, the year of Covid-19, setbacks, and political turmoil – yet there is merit in a clean decluttered house, right?

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