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For the past two years, Covid 19 hit our country with a vengeance not seen or heard of since the Russian Flu of 1898 or the Spanish Flu of 1918.  Businesses and social routines were changed almost overnight. During its course, we learned quite a bit regarding how to be flexible with business, church, and social events due to various lockdowns and social distancing practices. Businesses either shut down or sent workers home to work, churches developed virtual church services, the medical field scurried about developing telehealth for patients, social events were cancelled in favor of online exposure with facetime and zoom technology, while sanitizers and disinfectants plus mask mandates became part of our daily routine.

 Being the sort of person who finds it difficult to sit still and stay home, I kept busy by purging an abundance of “stuff” from my home. Methodically, I went through all drawers, cupboards, and closets that were home to things I hadn’t used in decades. Each day was filled with a new area to tackle with questions of did I need to keep this or that? What to do with them, and would I be sorry later for tossing them?  

Several items still had life in them and would most likely be of value to some folks. I sorted through various sizes of bedding which no longer fit my needs and an oversized assortment of tea towels were thinned out to just what was used weekly.  I carefully arranged stacks of items that needed new homes in the garage. There was a box of items that my daughters might like, another for friends and worthy organizations, and a huge pile of books to be donated to the library for the annual book sale fundraiser. The final batch housed stuff that had seen a better day were headed to the trash barrel. As soon as the lockdown lifted, I loaded the car and made trips to the DAV, Library, a couple of organizations, and the shredder.

It felt good. My drawers are now decluttered with drawers neat and orderly, closets roomy and organized, and cupboards reorganized to house only things I actually use.

Then, in 2021, health issues took over and it was in and out of the hospital for heart related issues most of the year before God took over. Writing took a back seat as did most of my activities. After months of prayers from countless friends and family, I’m happy to say that once again, I’m doing well.

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