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It’s been over a year since I posted, but life got in the way. A rough 2023 for the Graber family, however, we are blessed with an abundant of things that millions in this country are struggling to obtain and for that we are grateful. Our family is small in number, but huge in love and have shown support for each other in many ways during all of life’s crisis that hit this year. We are also fortunate to be able to get the medical help we need, and are additionally blessed with several prayer chains from friends and church. Not sure where I would be without the support of my church prayer warriors. My personal close group of friends have listened patiently to my grumblings, offered advice and sent prayers upward. On a positive note, while writing has taken a back seat, I was fortunate in having another devotional published by the Upper Room and two waiting for final confirmation. 

So, to fill in you, I have had a year-long bout with shingles. Six to twelve weeks they said, but not this kid. First the virus itself presented itself with excruciating pain, then complications of nerve damage followed. I now understand what “pain management “is all about and have learned to cope with it.  PLEASE, if you have had chicken pox do get the Shingrix shot to avoid this awful disease. I can’t say “get the shot” loud enough.  

My youngest daughter, Carey, had open heart surgery at the beginning of the year, then six months later received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer. She is quite the trouper and has met both these afflictions with grace and a determination to kick “ass” and get on with life. Through it all, Carey has still been able to lead her company and work on a limited basis. Prayers are appreciated for her as she has a long road ahead before her body returns to a healthy stage.

My middle daughter, Penny, developed full-blown type 2 diabetes and while it’s been hard for her to change her diet, is finally dealing with it in a positive way. Although her disability limits in what she can do, she runs errands and cleans for Carey when needed. Her son, Palmer has spent numerous miles on the turnpike taking his Nana to Lawrence to handle business for his mother and provide support for Carey.

My eldest daughter, Shan, has spent the entire year making sure her sisters and I have the family support we need. A huge chore since it has involved trips to Lawrence while still checking on mom in Wichita, and working two jobs. When called upon for help, she never says no – it’s always yes even though she has to put her own life on hold.

Line Yes, the road has been tough, but with God’s help, in our darkest hours, our family has worked together to ease the pain and tackle all emergencies together. Looking forward to 2024 with renewed strength and with God’s help, it will be a better year.  

God says in Isaiah, “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight.”

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