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Arlene Rains Graber

'To write something that brings a smile or initiates thought is truly one of life's pleasures.'

Arlene has written for newspapers, magazines and Christian periodicals for over thirty years. In 2010, her first non-fiction book, Devoted to Traveling, was published by AWOC Publishers. The book traces the author's travels throughout the world. In 2011, her first novel, A Plane Tree in Provence, was released, and a Christian novel, Angel on My Shoulder, was released. In 2012, Arlene published The Cape Elizabeth Ocean Avenue Society, the second book in the Plane Tree series, followed by Sarah's Choice in 2014. All books are available in paperback or as e-books.


Yes, Kansas temps have been in the low 80s most of the month. We have only hit 100 degrees once during the entire summer. I do have to share, that the one day our temperature was 99 degrees this month (and only lasted one day) my a/c snapped and I had to put in a complete new a/c and heating system. Lucky for me, the person I called returned my call immediately and the system was installed within two days. But that said, our summer has been one of mild balmy days with just enough rain to keep our flowers blooming and beautiful.
I traveled to Maine in June for the usual ten-day stay at Higgins Beach. The weather couldn’t have been better with only one day of rain. We searched out new places, ate lobster every evening and washed it down with Champagne, had third row seats at the Ogunquit Playhouse’s Mamma Mia performance, found new shops, and daily walked and meditated on the beach. I started the last book in the A Plane Tree in Provence series, and also wrote a couple of devotionals. I’ve always said, my yearly trips to Maine is my therapy and cost about the same as a therapist, but oh so much more fun.
In July, I took a bus trip to Pawhuska,OK to visit Ree Drumond’s place to shop and eat at the Mercantile. Fun getaway day. It is truly something to see how this Food Network chef has brought new commerce and hoards of tourists to the small town of Pawhuska. Also this summer our travel group had another excursion to Dr. Ron’s farm by Fall River. He is quite the gardener and gave each of us a choice of plants to take home. On the way back, we stopped at Beaumont, KS where small aircraft used to fly in for dinner at the steak house there, and also toured the Elk River Wind Farm.
I am working hard on the new book, but also revising my Devoted to Traveling book due to the publisher going out of business. I’ll do a new cover, change some things around, and add a few new devotionals. Take care, and check out my Facebook page and mucho thanks for leaving a “like” if you do.

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Fall has finally arrived and we’ve even had rain, which fights to repair all the damage those 108 degree temperatures did to our plants and yards in the summer.

My daughter, Penny, is making steady progress, and while frustrating for her, as she would love to have this recovery thing over, we are thankful we are going forward instead of backward. She is now volunteering at her son’s school during lunch, and has a brand new computer to keep her challenged.

I’m currently on a writing retreat and my writing partner and I have made a list of five wishes for ourselves. More often than not, as we forge our efforts toward others, we forget about our own wishes. We thought this would motivate us in accomplishing even more in our lives. I won’t list them for you, but as I arrive at each wish I’ll let you know what it was. For this retreat, I found this wonderful little place in Newton, Kansas that is surrounded with beautiful gardens chock full of sculptures. It is a delightful small bed and breakfast in a once working silo. It is now on my repeat list of places to visit.

My second novel is almost ready to format and my daughter, Carey, has sent two possible choices for the cover. If I do say so, she is one talented woman. Check out her website at Tallgrass Studios, Lawrence, Kansas. Can’t wait for all of you to see my selection for the second novel in the Plane Tree series. My target date for release is October 15.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I have several submissions out to publishers. It’s been seven months since that dreadful day in January when Penny fell down the basement stairs and our lives were changed forever. It is only now that I’ve been able to write a couple of devotionals about the experience. If published, I’ll let you know where to find them.

Until next time, arlene

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